Cloudflare partne 11月1日停止服务 将无法使用合作商的API进行管理

我们写信是为了提供有关 Cloudflare 的旧版主机和经销商合作伙伴计划即将终止的最终通知。 由于维护和支持旧版 Host 计划的成本,Cloudflare 将停止该计划,并将在 2022 年 11 月 1 日之前停用所有功能。

2022 年 11 月 1 日 - 所有 Host API 和 Reseller API 将停止使用,您的访问权限将被禁用。 您将无法通过 Host API 管理帐户或区域,旧版门户将被删除,并且任何插件将不再起作用。

客户的现有域和帐户将继续提供流量,不会受到影响。 希望直接迁移到 Cloudflare 的客户可以选择创建自己的帐户并重新创建他们的区域以进​​行自我管理。

感谢您作为 Cloudflare 的合作伙伴的支持。



We are writing to provide a final notice of the upcoming end-of-life of Cloudflare's Legacy Host & Reseller Partner Program. Due to the costs of maintaining and supporting the legacy Host Program, Cloudflare is discontinuing the program and will be sunsetting all functionality by November 1, 2022.


On November 1, 2022 - All of the Host API and the Reseller API will be discontinued and your access will be disabled. You will lose access to the ability to manage accounts or zones via the Host API, the legacy portal will be removed, and any plugins will no longer function.


The existing domains and accounts for customers will continue serving traffic and will not be impacted. Customers who wish to move to Cloudflare directly will have the option to create their own accounts and re-create their zones for self-management.


Thank you for your support as a partner of Cloudflare.


If you have questions, please reach out to


Thank you,




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